Jan 25, 2008

crossing over - THE bad idea

This is in response to the article I just read in the LA-Times announcing that Scarlett Johannson is going to put out a solo album in March. Yuck.

I don't know what it is inside me... but everytime I read or hear about an act(or)tress "crossing over" into the musical world, I just cringe. Also, I think that crossing over should be left to the professionals, like John Edward. ; )

Part of me thinks it's ego - they are so in love with themselves that they really can't bridle the belief that everyone will devour what they put out.

Sometimes I think they are led by others who blow smoke up their hiney, telling them they can make a quick buck by pooping out an album.

It's not that I dislike Scar-Jo, I think she's fine. However, after watching Scoop I realize that the only role she was ever really suited to play was debbie-downer in Lost in Translation.

Moving on... the list of terrible cross overs is seemingly endless. I'll just name a few and leave it to you to remind me of ones I've forgotten:

Shaq - tried film and music.
Jennifer Love Hewitt - hits like "lets go bang," "bare naked," and "the greatest word." simply stunning
Paris Hilton
Alan Iverson
That one Duff Girl
Lindsey Lohan
Britney Spears
Mos Def
DMX, IceCube, Snoop, the list goes on...
Ludacris - too fast, too much ludacris.
Madonna - I cried for her bad performance in Evita. Ok, confession, I never saw it. But she was somewhat charming in League of their own.
Justin Timberlake - Didn't see Alpha Dog. Don't know anyone who saw it. But he has been a great host on SNL. Check out the Barry Gibb Talk Show. (man i miss jimmy fallon)
Mark Walhberg - Best work - I Heart Huckabees.
Andre 3000 - Me and three of my brothers (note, that makes 4 Brothers) saw the movie 4 Brothers (which coincidentally has Mark Walhberg in it). For the record, I did not like seeing Dre stab some dude in the chest. gruesome.
Will Smith - Very charismatic. He's music is really tacky, but on the big screen he's fun to watch.

Reviewing the list, Obviously there is a hierarchy. Sports stars going to music is a pretty big leap (into the toilet bowl).

Actors going to music, also doesn't work very well.

Of all of the leaps to make, I think the best recipe is if you are a musician, and then you go into acting - what are your thoughts on this? Looking at the list, I'd say the best cross overs are Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith - both musicians before actors.

Who did I miss? Who are your favorite crossovers? Who are the worst?


Heather said...

Oh boy, I haven't commented on here in a while...

Have you seen Be Cool? It is a great film, and Andre 3000 is key in that movie. I haven't seen him in anything else though. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is awesome in it too. Crossover from WWF to real acting, right?

All right I never saw Crossroads, but I have a feeling it wasn't very good. I can't picture Britney Spears being any good at acting.

david said...

I can't picture Britney Spears being any good at acting.

she should get an academy award for portraying a loony toon lately...

i can't believe i forgot the rock. what kind of fan am i? he's a triple threat, went from sports, to wrestling, then to everyone's favorite meat-head.

Mia said...

Harry Connick Jr is dreamy no matter what he does...

david said...

yeah, just wait till you see "ps i love you" mia... you'll want to smack him with a frying pan.

no but seriously, i don't think i've ever seen such an un-charismatic character.

Dawn D. Lion said...

I'd have to agree with musicians going to acting, I think it really works most of the time. Ice Cube was great in 3 Kings. I also loved Mark Wahlberg and Mos Def.
PJ Harvey played Mary Magdelene in an art film. I haven't seen it yet, but I'd love to.

Here's the list Jason and I are thinking of:

Dave Matthews
William Shatner
Steven Segal
Juliette Lewis
Keanu Reeves
Dennis Quaid
Bruce Willis

aisy said...

dawn's comment reminded me of ice t who plays a cop on law and order... and also sang a song called 'cop killer.' cracks me up every time i remember that connection.

jennifer hudson had a mildly small singing career thanks to american idol. and didn't she win an oscar for dream girls? or was she just nominated?

um, i know there has to be more. my brain is fried from a day of skiing.

AshleyPulsipher said...

oh, russell crow is one too.

bruce willis is super lameo... good one dawn.

Brent H said...

My favorite cross-overs are the dancers-turned-actors of Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. (Ice T was it in, as well.)

Steph said...

I can't believe that no one thought of Patrick Swayze already. She is indeed like the wind.

What about Bette Midler? or Whitney Houston??

Craig said...

Some we have forgotten:

1. Eddie Murphy. The Nutty Professor & his girl like to party all the time.

2. Dwight Yokam. This country legend says you can kiss his left @*#. he's also in No Country For Old Men. Nice!

3. Will Odham A.K.A. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has done some weird spooky indie movies, because surprise, surprise! He makes weird, spooky indie music.

4. Don't forget about Donnie Walhberg in Band Of Brothers. Lt. Lipton!!!

5. The other chili pepper, Anthony Keidis who actually started in acting under the name of "Cole Dammett" as a younger pup, then went to music, and then back to acting in fine films like Point Break and The Chase.

6. Which reminds me that Henry Rollins was in The Chase and many other lame films.

And the list goes on...

But my favorite from the above list as actors are Dwight Yokam and Donnie Walhberg. They are excellent. Really excellent.

MF said...

Donnie Wahlberg was also in the 6th Sense and pretty much convinced me that he was psycho. Creepy naked guy in the bathroom that kills himself! Jinkies.

And what about Kevin Bacon? Kicking it Footloose and fancy free with his brother on tour (Bacon Brothers).

I happened to see about 10 minute of Crossroads and about threw my body out into one to put me out of my misery. Poor Britany.

Oh! Can't forget about the Queen-- Latifah. Went from rap to acting to SINGING to singing on broadway.

David, I can't believe you forgot the Rock. As one of the millions.......and MILLIONS of the Rock's fans, I am forced to call you a jabroni.

Lulu said...

You are totally wrong about Mos Def and Mark Walberg- talented.

Ice Cube is great in barber shop, Eve and Queen Latifah for that matter. I think Hip Hoppers do it best

MF said...

That sounds like it should be on a t-shirt.

david said...

lashley, watch mos def in the italian job. he's really. really bad.

no saving graces there.

and i think mark wahlberg is good. he was great in i heart huckabees, but in most other things he's just been ok. i guess he was pretty good in "fear."

MF said...

and invinceable. come on david. feel the vibrations.

Fee_dizzle said...

what about Madonna in dick tracy shoot thats a good one