Jan 10, 2008


Why do we (or at least, some people) say "tuna fish?"  As in, "Honey, would you like me to make you a tuna fish sandwich?"

Isn't adding "fish" behind "tuna" completely redundant? What other kind of tuna is there?

We don't say "would you like some rainbow trout fish?"  Perhaps this should extend into other meats as well:

I'd like a hamburger cow please
I'd like a bacon pig lettuce vegetable tomato (fruit?) sandwich please.
Mom, the turkey bird is delicious this year!

Across the Atlantic, there's another kind of redundant.
In England, when people are "laid off" they say they've been "made redundant."
"Hey Paul, you still working in at the steel mill?"
"Nope, I was made redundant a fortnight ago."

I think the idea that you, as a person - are now redundant, is kind of a funny idea.

Anything redundant in your life worth sharing?


Brent H said...

I pulled money out of an "ATM machine" earlier today. Everyone says the word machine, despite the fact that the M in ATM already stands for machine.

Also, being a baseball coach, I get annoyed when I hear someone say RBIs, as in plural, since RBI stands for Runs Batted In, and is thus already plural. RBIs would be like saying Runs Batted Ins.

Justin said...

One of the things that I noticed a few years ago is that most people don't describe something as just being "unique". They usually feel the need to add qualifiers to the uniqueness of whatever it is. For instance, "the most unique" or "very unique".
You can't have degrees of unique. Either it's unique or it's not.
This is my first post since your DC days. I'm back as an avid reader and occasional poster.

kat said...

i'm going with 'irregardless.' perhaps that's more in the double-negative catagory, but it has a taste of redundancy to it for me.

cropstar said...

"PIN number"

MF said...

VIN number

Craig said...

I don't know of anything redundant, but you implored me to comment... let's not church it up, begged really... and so here i am. Commenting.

Happy now?

david said...

not really craig.

next time put some effor into it would ya?

kat, i've thought about that "irregardless" conundrum before, and it reminds me of how flammable and inflammable mean the same thing.

annie gray said...

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